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We facilitate your work by taking over all the procedures you have entrusted to us. And most importantly, we free from expenses of travel, visa, hotel, translator and so on.

You send us your product name, number, weight, volume, photo or video if available, and other information and specific requirements.

We have initiate market research free of charge for you and then send you several companies’ offers. These proposals include the cost of the goods and special items.

We contact the buyer and seller in accordance with the World Trade Act and begin the factory manufacturing process after payment of 30-50% of the total payment.

Of course, at this time, we visit the factory and control the quality of your order.

The remainder of the payment will be paid after the end of the production process. In the end, we select the most suitable transportation method for you and send it to you.

Our company has been legally registered. All negotiations, contract establishments and payments are fully formalized and officially enforced by international trade laws.

No. We conduct a price research for goods you are looking for and then send you a several offers.

3-5% of the total value of the commodities ordered in large quantities are set as service fees, and $200- $400 for smaller items.

We can send a small sample of goods before ordering at customer’s request.

We find a few companies that are suitable for your business and arrange visits to plants of these companies. If so, you can check the factory production process with our representative specifically designated for you and negotiate over the goods and the price.

No. Products that we just mentioned in the Products section are the products that are most prevalent in our sales and customer list.

This basically depends on the company’s sales rules. Currently, most Chinese companies do not oppose such demands. In this case, you are required to send the brand name, logo and other information to the company. For this reason, the company may charge you extra, however sometimes if the cost is too low companies do not even require extra payment.

We will select the most suitable transportation mode for you and send your property safely. Even during loading, our logistics coordinators can provide you with pictures or video call.

We have already helped three companies from Azerbaijan and one from Turkey to get a distributorship agreement from China. At present, it would be wrong to not mention that most Chinese companies are highly interested in setting up distributorship and open up to the world. However, big companies have set some requirements, such as an annual sales quota. Therefore, it is best for you to contact us and conduct a detailed talk.

Please note that you can get information regularly about international exhibitions that will be held in China through our site and our Instagram account. We reserve a place for you in the area close to the exhibition hall. On the day you arrive we will pick you up at the airport and place you in the hotel. During the event, we will accompany you. In this case, you will be free from all the obstacles that you can face in China. Because you will be accompanied by our experienced and highly-linguistically-qualified translator.

Please refer to Customs Payments, which we have posted on our website. For other procedures, please contact us at our website and get full information.