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Now you can order watches, glasses, jewelry and gifts directly from China with reasonable prices.

We offer you:

  • Various models of brand/non-brand watches for men, women and children.
  • Agate and other precious stones, silver bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces and other various ornaments
  • Different models of brand/non-brand sunglasses or optic glasses for men, women and children.
  • Gift boxes, toys, frames, decorative items, pencil, cup, and everything related item you can think of.

How we make your work easier?

  • Send us the name, count, weight, volume, picture or video, other information and product specifications
  • We will make a deep product research free of charge and provide your several offer. These offers include price and details about the product
  • Establishing contracts according to world trade laws and between buyer and seller, then after payment of 30-50% of the principal factory begins the production.
  • In the meantime, we visit factories and inspect the quality controls.
  • After the finalization of product, rest of the principal is paid.
  • At last, we choose the most suitable mode of transport for your product and send it.

Notice: upon the request of client we can send you a sample of product.