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Our client’s products need to be transported to different countries after finalization of production. We offer three modes of transport for client’s: air, water and rail transportation.


Maritime shipping is the most used mode of transportation worldwide. By choosing this method you can transport your high volume and heavy cargo, also minimizing your expenses. Although, shipping takes 30-40 days, this is the most suitable mode in terms of price. We work with most-known cargo companies in China. In addition, we also work with local Chinese and international shipment companies.


We recommend this mode of transport for low volume and lightweight cargos. Although, price is high, your shipment will arrive at your destination within a week. We especially work with our country’s most famous air freight company, Silkway, and also different international air transportation companies.


We recommend this mode of transport for high volume and heavy weight cargos. With introduction of One Belt One Road initiative and repairmen of silk way, rail transportation has been restored. If your country is located on the historical Silk Way and is a part of One Belt One Road initiative, by choosing this mode of transport you can easily transfer your load. Mostly, we work with our country’s most famous companies in this field.